Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket Door Accessories

1515-PLY Pocket Door Frame Plywood Clip Set

The 1515-PLY clips 5/8" (19/32" Nominal) plywood panels (not Included) into ANY Johnson Hardware Pocket Door Frame resulting in a stronger pocket wall.
  • Replaces ALL previous versions of Johnson Plywood clips

  • Compatible With ALL Johnson Pocket Door Frames

  • Add Strength and Rigidity to Pocket Door Walls

  • Solid Mounting Structure To Hang Objects or Tile

  • Requires 5/8" (19/32" Nominal) Plywood (NOT INCLUDED)

  • 1515-PLY Installation Instructions

    1555PPK3 Converging Door Kit

  • Frame Series Compatibility: 1500, 1500HD, 1500SC, 1560, 1560SC, 2511

  • The 1555PPK3 Converging Door Kit connects 2 pocket door frame headers together allowing for 2 door (converging) pocket door installations.

    1575PPK3 1-3/4" [44mm] Door Adaptor Kit

  • Frame Series Compatibility: 1500PF, 2511

  • Spaces Split Studs to accept 1-3/4" [44mm] in 2x4 wood stud wall.

  • Only compatible with steel wrapped wood split studs.

  • 1575PPK3 Installation Instructions
  • 1574 4" [100mm] Steel Stud Wall Adaptor Kit

  • Frame Series Compatibility: 1500SC, 2000

  • Spaces Split Studs for 4" [100mm] Steel Stud Wall.

  • Accepts doors up to 2-1/4" [57mm] Thick.

  • 1574PLBG Installation Instructions
  • 1576 6" [150mm] Steel Stud Wall Adaptor Kit

  • Frame Series Compatibility: 1560, 1560SC, 1562

  • Spaces Split Studs for 6" [150mm] Steel Stud Wall.

  • 1576PLBG Installation Instructions
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